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Meet The Doctor


Our philosophy & motto is to "treat the cause of the symptoms." You may have back pain, however, this pain might be coming from your tight hip flexor and weakend CORE muscles due to sitting 8 hours a day with bad posture. We will use our Sports Medicine and orthopedic evaluation back ground to pin point your cause of problem.

Norié Takahashi DC, ATC

Chriopractic Physician

CCSP Certified

NATA Certified Athletic Trainer

Dr. Norié (pronounce as Nori - A), native of Miyagi, Japan, moved to United States to study Sports Medicine after earning Associate Degree in  Information Technology in Japan. Dealing with own chronic pain since 14 years old caused by over used injuries, Dr. Norié strongly believes all people should live pain free. While Norié was pursugin to be an Athletic Trainer, who takes care of the athletes' injury prevension, emergency care, and rehabilitation, she had opportunity to work with finest atheltes from Stanford University, Foothill College, San Jose State University, Professional Women's soccer team, Professional Winter Football reague team, and National Track and Feild athletes.  After graduating with B.S in Kinesiology from San Jose State Univertsity, Dr. Norié worked in Sutter Community Hospital as a Rehabilitation specialist. Dr. Norié's love of facilitationg people with no pain and reaching physical potential, she pursused Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer Chiropractic College West.

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