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Frequently Asked Questions







Is cracking of the neck safe?

The "craking" or "popping" sound seems so intimidated and scary. It is simply Carbon Dioxied gas rushes into the joint capsul like you are opening soda pop. Acutually, serious complication only occurred 1.5 times per 1 million with pre-existing condition by manipulation or adjustment (indluding at Doctors of Osteopathy and Physical Therapy's office). Chiropractic Physicians are well train to rule out the risk and 90% what we do is manipulation/ adjustment. A study show 1-1.6 case per 100,000 liver injury due to daily ibuprofen intake.



What is the adjustment?

Manual Therapy utilizing controlled force and direction with High-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA) to the subluxated, segmental dysfunctional or hypo-mobile joint to restore proper movement to the joint. It also called Chiropractic Manupiratory Therapy (CMT) or Manipulation


Do I have to get adjusted rest of my life?

No. Once youe pain is gone, we will strengthen your injured muscles to keep joint stable and healthy. However, once per 1-2 months of maintenance/ preventitive adjustment is recomended to keep your joint motion and integrity. We highly encourage patients to take preventitive approach. 



Can kids get treated?

Yes. Chiropractic Manipulatory Therapy (CMT) are proven to be safe for infants and Children.The amount of jumping & tumbling your childrens do everyday, it is recommended to keep proper joint function by maintenance care. Children are less aware of their joint dysfunction due to immature mechanoreceptor in the joint. The studies show the children who were treated by CMT have less musculoskelta issue when they become adults. Some child even stopped bed wetting by getting adjusted.


Why do baby need adjustment?

Going through narrow birth canal is the first trauma the person go through. If the forceps or plungers are used in the process of birthing, the infants' neck has been injured. Those babies tend to prefere one sided for breast feed or sleeping. The colic is the result of hypo-mobile joint in the one side. The infants are expressing their pain with cryig.

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