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I fell from the ladder and was in pain for several days. Dr. Norie found  the cause of my dysfunctions and muscle spasms. She gently manipulated my ribs, spine and pelvis. Dr Norie used hand held instruments to release my tension and taught me postural exercises preventing my pain from returning. Dr. Norie gives a complete exam to find your causes of pain, not just a quick fix adjustment.

 - Gary L., Tracy CA

All day at computer?


Did you know if you are working on the computer, you should take 5 minutes break every 55 minutes?



Ask us about eargonomic evaluation & consultation.

Colicy baby?


The colic is believed to be a result of birth trauma on the upper neck. Going through the birth cannal is though on the little neck!  If the baby preferes one position to get fed or sleep, most likely, the baby's spinal joints are not functioning properly and causing him/her pain.

Knee / Hip pain?

Are you a candidate for knee or hip replacement?


Study shows the people who tried conservative care (manual therapy and/ or chiropractic care with rehabilitaion) before the knee and/ or hip replacement surgery, have better result than surgery alone.

Products we endorese:

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